Dec 26, 2023

In this blog post, we'll dive into the latest firmware update for the Magewell Director Mini, a compact and portable streaming encoder that has recently undergone significant enhancements. Released on December 13, 2023, firmware update 2.3.571 brings a variety of new features and improvements that are sure to excite tech enthusiasts and professional streamers alike. Join us as we explore the key highlights of this update.

New Features in the Firmware Update

USB Port Upgrades

  • UVC Webcam Output: The USB port now supports UVC+UAC mode, allowing for video and audio output to a computer. This is a significant upgrade from the previous monitor output functionality.
  • Customizable Webcam Name: Users can now personalize the name of the webcam as it appears on their computer.

Enhanced Encoding Capabilities

  • H.265 Encoding: The Director Mini can now encode in H.265 in addition to H.264, offering more compression and higher quality at lower bitrates.
  • Lower Bitrate, High-Quality Recording: With H.265, users can record at significantly lower bitrates while maintaining excellent video quality.

Streaming Protocol Additions

  • HLS Streaming to YouTube: This new feature allows for streaming H.265 video to YouTube, optimizing bandwidth usage and video quality.
  • RTMPS Support: Secure streaming with RTMPS is now possible, an essential feature for platforms like Instagram Live Producer.

Web Interface Improvements

  • Enhanced Dashboard: The new dashboard displays connected inputs with detailed status, resolution, and frame rate.
  • Produce Tab: This consolidated tab allows for easier control of the stream, including a full video stream preview and an audio mixer.
  • Show Management: Users can now manage, export, and import shows directly from the web interface, making device cloning more straightforward.

Additional Updates

  • Bluetooth Microphone Connectivity: The Director Mini now supports direct pairing with Bluetooth microphones.
  • Network Interface Prioritization: Users can prioritize specific network interfaces for streaming, such as ethernet or cellular connections.

Summary of the December 2023 Firmware Update

  • USB Port now supports UVC Webcam output and customizable webcam names.
  • H.265 encoding for higher quality at lower bitrates.
  • HLS streaming to YouTube and RTMP S support.
  • Enhanced web interface with a new dashboard, Produce tab, and show management.
  • Bluetooth microphone connectivity and network interface prioritization.

The December 2023 firmware updates for the Magewell Director Mini introduce a range of features that enhance its usability and performance. From improved encoding options to a revamped web interface, this update solidifies the Director Mini's position as a versatile and powerful tool for streaming professionals. Whether you're streaming to YouTube, using Bluetooth microphones, or managing multiple shows, the Director Mini's latest firmware update has something to offer for every user.