These are some of my favorite apps for livestreaming and video production! You can often find live demos of these during my weekly livestreams on YouTube. You're welcome to stop by during a livestream and ask me questions about any of these apps too!


Shoot gives you a clean video feed from your iPhone's camera output over HDMI or AirPlay.

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LiveApp Pro

LiveApp Pro is the easiest way to play back videos from an iPad into your ATEM Mini or other HDMI switcher. It also has a web page capture feature to be able to integrate web sources into your ATEM Mini livestreams.

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MixEffect is the missing ATEM app for iOS. In addition to being a complete replacement for the ATEM Software Control desktop app, it has a bunch of other features like animated SuperSource layouts, video-follows-audio switching, and more!

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H2R Gear

H2R Gear is a great way to draw and share diagrams of your video studio gear.

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eCamm is a great easy to use software based livestreaming app. My favorite feature is the remote guest feature which is by far the easiest way to bring guests into your livestreams.

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OBS is an open source livestreaming app. While it's not as easy to use as eCamm, it is free. I primarily use it to capture a web page and output it over SDI using the Blackmagic UltraStudio.

Learn More is a free app for bringing in remote guests into your productions. Combined with OBS and an UltraStudio or Decklink, you can get an HDMI/SDI feed from a remote guest with very little hassle.

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