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Multicam livestreaming kit in a backpack! // Magewell / RØDE / LUMIX / Brevité

Here's all the gear I used to run my livestream from the roof while my studio was out of commission! Everything (except the battery) fit in a backpack!

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Get Companion running on a Raspberry Pi and create your first show automations!

Learn how to set up Companion on a Raspberry Pi, and create your first automations for the ATEM Mini!

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We need these livestreaming accessories that don't exist!

Here's a few new livestreaming devices I would love to see someone build!

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ATEM Mini Pro/Extreme Updates! SRT, Multiview over USB and more! ATEM 9.5

Go install the latest ATEM Mini software version 9.5 to start using these amazing features right now!

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What's on my Stream Deck? An overview of my Companion setup

A deep dive into the buttons on my Stream Deck that I use for livestreaming and recording videos.

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What kind of livestreaming gear can $180 get you on Temu? 💰

💰 Download the TEMU App: https://temu.to/m/umz553wcgqw and app new users can buy the turntable for only $1!

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My YouTube channel is full of helpful tips for getting started livestreaming! But sometimes you need a more personalized recommendation or tutorial. I've opened up some limited consulting availability to chat one on one, so you can book a time with me using the links below!

Book a 60 minute call ($225) Book a 20 minute call ($80)

If you can't find any availability on my calendar, I can recommend a few other folks that would also be able to help you out!

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