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🔴 LIVE Q&A! Answering Your Questions about Livestreaming and the ATEM Mini Extreme

Scheduled for February 28

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The UNIQUE features of the Epiphan Pearl Nano livestreaming encoder

The Epiphan Pearl Nano has a few great features that make it perfect for use in classrooms and for corporate presentations! In this video I share my thoughts on who I think this device is best suited for.

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Did Blackmagic Make the Perfect ATEM Mini?

Blackmagic just announced the ATEM Mini Extreme! Is this the perfect ATEM Mini? Let's review my previous wish list and see if they hit all the items in the list!

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What's New in YoloBox Version 3.4: Livestream chat, side by side view, PDFs, and more! (Feb 2021)

The latest update to the YoloBox adds some incredible new features! This makes it super competitive with some of the far more expensive and bulkier switchers! In this video I give you the rundown of the latest features in the YoloBox version 3.4 update!

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MINIGO - a portable carrying case for the ATEM Mini - now on Kickstarter!

Here's a first look at the MiniGo, a portable carrying case for the ATEM Mini. The case comes with a 10" monitor, AC power as well as a v-mount battery connection, a headphone jack, and more!

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How to Make a Side by Side Layout with the ATEM Mini

In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a side by side layout to show two cameras on the screen for podcasts and interviews. This tutorial works with any ATEM Mini model, although it will be a bit easier to see what you're doing if you have the ATEM Mini Pro with Multiview.

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Which ATEM Mini should YOU buy?

I get this question a lot, so I figured I'd make a video about it! Which ATEM Mini is right for you? Each one has its particular advantages depending on how you'll be using it!

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