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The COLBOR CL100XM is super bright for its size!

Get the CL100XM here: https://geni.us/OTwXF

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What's New with the YoloBox ULTRA?

In this video we'll cover the major new features in the YoloBox Ultra!

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Magewell Director Mini • PROS and CONS

Here are a few of my first impressions after giving the Magewell Director Mini a try!

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Unboxing the Saramonic Blink500 #shorts

Get yours here: https://geni.us/PzURBA

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A budget-friendly LASER CUTTER! Calibrating the Atomstack X7 Pro to build the CHAOS ROUTER

There is a great Black Friday deal on the Atomstack X7 Pro right now! https://geni.us/9G4C

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You need to use short USB cables!

Short USB cables help keep everything tidy on your camera and livestreaming rigs!

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My YouTube channel is full of helpful tips for getting started livestreaming! But sometimes you need a more personalized recommendation or tutorial. I've opened up some limited consulting availability to chat one on one, so you can book a time with me using the links below!

Book a 60 minute call ($225) Book a 20 minute call ($80)

If you can't find any availability on my calendar, I can recommend a few other folks that would also be able to help you out!

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