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Everything you need to know about using an iPhone as a WIRELESS camera with the ATEM Mini


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How to create a SLOW ZOOM-IN effect with the ATEM Mini

A slow zoom-in effect is easy to do in post, but what if you could do it during your livestreams? This step by step guide will show you how to automate a slow zoom effect with the ATEM Mini or any ATEM switcher.

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My top picks from NAB 2023

Even more great gear I saw at NAB! Skip around with the timestamps below.

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NAB 2023 Recap: Short news stories from the NAB show floor

This video is the re-edited horizontal versions of the vertical video interviews I posted during NAB! Skip around using the timestamps below.

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How we filmed and published same-day videos at NAB (Atomos NAB News Workflow)

Here's a behind the scenes look at the process we used to film and produce same-day videos at NAB! Thanks to @AtomosChannel for sponsoring the project!

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How to add a third camera to the YoloBox Mini (wirelessly!)

The YoloBox Mini normally supports one HDMI and one USB camera. I'll show you the trick to adding a third camera using your mobile phone!

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My YouTube channel is full of helpful tips for getting started livestreaming! But sometimes you need a more personalized recommendation or tutorial. I've opened up some limited consulting availability to chat one on one, so you can book a time with me using the links below!

Book a 60 minute call ($225) Book a 20 minute call ($80)

If you can't find any availability on my calendar, I can recommend a few other folks that would also be able to help you out!

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