Thanks for wanting to support my channel! There are many ways you can support me, either financially or otherwise.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are a great way to support my channel at no additional cost to you! Typically I earn between 2-4% of what you pay for a purchase, while you don't pay any extra. While this may not sound like a lot on a $20 DC coupler, if you buy a $1300 Lumix GH5 MKII, that means I earn around $40!

B&H Photo & Video is a great place to shop for camera gear, lighting, and more. Despite being across the country, their shipping is usually extremely fast to Portland! I like to support a real camera store when I can.
Adorama is another great store that's all about video and camera gear.
And of course, there's Amazon, which carries... everything. You can find everything from my new favorite studio camera, the Lumix BGH-1, a Stream Deck XL, the DJI Mic, or even this collapsible keychain pen.
My profile contains collections of gear that I've featured in past videos and livestreams, as well as collections of gear like everything I brought on my folding bike to ResolveCon!

Support my Videos

You can support my videos on YouTube directly by sending a "Super Thanks" on a video, or a "Super Chat" during a livestream!

Buy my Merch

You can find my merch at, and I occasionally list some used gear there as well.

Buy PK1 Products

Another great way to support me is to buy our PK1 stands and cages! These are great accessories for your ATEM Mini and YoloBox.


My YouTube channel is full of helpful tips for getting started livestreaming! But sometimes you need a more personalized recommendation or tutorial. I've opened up some limited consulting availability to chat one on one, so you can book a time with me using the links below!

Book a 60 minute call ($225) Book a 20 minute call ($80)

If you can't find any availability on my calendar, I can recommend a few other folks that would also be able to help you out!

Technical Support

I am sorry but I am not able to answer tech support questions by email. Feel free to leave a comment on a video and myself or someone else may be able to help, but you also may be best off contacting the official support team for whatever product you are asking about.