Nov 2, 2023

As we approach the end of 2023, the YoloBox Mini continues to be a topic of interest in the live streaming community. Released over a year ago, the device has received numerous firmware updates, significantly enhancing its capabilities. In this post, we'll explore whether the YoloBox Mini is still a viable option for live streaming enthusiasts.

Key Features of YoloBox Mini

Full Video Switcher Functionality

  • Dual Input Capability: The YoloBox Mini now supports both HDMI and USB inputs simultaneously, allowing for a wide variety of camera configurations.
  • Network Bonding Feature: The same bonding feature in the YoloBox Pro, this add-on service enables the bonding of multiple internet connections, including USB modem, SIM card, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet, for a more stable streaming experience.
  • Instant Replay Feature: This allows for immediate playback of the last few seconds of a stream, with clips saved to an SD card.

Integration with External Switchers

  • Compatibility with ATEM Mini: The YoloBox Mini can be connected to an ATEM Mini, adding 4 or 8 additional HDMI inputs.

Unique Streaming and Graphics Features

  • Multiple Destination Streaming: Unlike the ATEM Mini, the YoloBox Mini can stream to multiple destinations simultaneously.
  • Advanced Graphics Options: Features like web page overlays, built-in scoreboard, and countdown timers enhance streaming capabilities.

Downsides and Limitations

Lack of External Control

  • No Companion Integration: Currently, all operations on the YoloBox Mini still require direct interaction with the device's touchscreen.

Audio Input Challenges

  • Analog Audio Input Issues: The analog audio input tends to be quiet, often requiring external solutions.
  • USB Audio Quirks: There are limitations in mixing USB audio with other sources.

Recommended Accessories for YoloBox Mini


  • Sony ZV-1: Ideal for its compact size, clean HDMI output, and excellent autofocus.
  • USB Cameras: Insta360 Link and OBSBOT PTZ cameras are a good option for webcams with wide-angle lenses and USB power.

Stands and Mounts


  • RØDE Wireless GO: Best used by connecting to a camera and routing the audio through HDMI.

Final Thoughts

The YoloBox Mini has evolved into a highly functional and portable live streaming device, with its ability to switch between HDMI and USB cameras significantly enhancing its utility. The continuous firmware updates and responsiveness to customer feedback from YoloLiv are commendable. Priced at around $700, the YoloBox Mini remains an affordable and solid choice for on-the-go live streaming.

Summary of the YoloBox Mini in 2023

  • Now a full video switcher with HDMI and USB inputs.
  • Features network bonding for stable streaming.
  • Instant replay and advanced graphic options.
  • Can integrate with ATEM Mini for additional inputs.
  • Downsides include lack of external control and some audio input challenges.
  • Recommended accessories include Sony Zv1, PK1 Desktop Stand, and RØDE Wireless GO.

Whether you're a professional live streamer or an enthusiast, the YoloBox Mini offers a range of features that cater to various needs. Its continued relevance in 2023 is a testament to its quality and the commitment of YoloLiv to its improvement. Share your thoughts or experiences with the YoloBox Mini in the comments below, and stay tuned for more tech insights!