🔴 Live Q&A! Behind the scenes of Developer Day labs

August 22, 2021


(6:07) Are you missing a fill light to your left?

Tech Condo
(6:31) Psst, just purchased my third PK stand :)

Marcin Nowak
(9:45) @Aaron Parecki not this camera 😀

Tech Condo
(26:04) @aaron parecki this is soooo cool! Inspirational and in september we’ll have a conference at work. Maybe!

Utzu Logigan
(26:14) How do you bring the IPod touch feed into the Atem?

Quetzal Cortes
(26:48) Where do you like to get your bg music for your timers…etc?

Rick Allen
(28:43) @Aaron Parecki Did you set up Super Source macros to enable the split screen )head shot & slides) for each speaker?

Turning Point Communications
(29:26) Question.looks amazing. But have you forgotten the coffee source? David

Graham Rule
(29:38) @Aaron Parecki I was wondering how long it would be before I heard the words "I ran out of inputs on the extreme .... " 🙂

Marcin Nowak
(29:45) @Aaron Parecki I've registered for this event, created and confirmed Octa account. But I can't see the link where the event would be on 24'th...

Pedro Miszewski da Roza
(47:24) Does the yolo box display comments from the stream? Or can you show a specific comment through the yolo box?

Philip Meuschke
(52:54) @Aaron Parecki - There is an added noise floor on the stream from the YoloBox that wasn't/isn't there when you're sending your video feed directly from the ATEM to the Web Presenter.

(53:41) Wow that's interesting, Yolobox bidrate adjustment, thank you Yolobox.

Marcin Nowak
(53:49) @Aaron Parecki How do you remotly connect ZV-1 to Atem?

Roland Dobbins
(54:16) @Aaron Parecki — how long until you follow in Curtis Judd’s footsteps & end up doing the A/V bit full-time? ;>

Clive Illenden
(54:36) hi Aaron... quick shout out to thank you for your YouTube Chat highlight Chrome app👍

Robert Harvey
(54:45) @Aron Pare ki How to you keep the apple devices awake during streams?

Philip Meuschke
(56:29) @Aaron Parecki - Yeah, similar (but slightly quieter) noise floor when you turned off the gate and compressor on the ATEM.

Muhammad Floyd
(56:45) not sure if it was asked just got here but is there a way to grab a source from someone else's obs into my obs to have a muti person livestream?

Steve Shannon, Broker
(58:23) @Aaron Parecki - Haven't heard much on the Streaming Bridge. Still liking it?

(1:00:09) I'm trying to make a movie w/Alpha to play on Ultra Studio Mini 4K by using a DaVinci export. Can you help with a step by step? What file type for export, how to play on the Ultra 4K? and then to ATEM

(1:01:14) Question! I just checked my original Yolobox and I'm not receiving a update so I can adjust the video bidrate. Is this only for the Pro?

(1:01:30) Have someone tried to hack the streaming bridge to take all type of streams?

Utzu Logigan
(1:02:00) @Aaron Parecki On ISO Atems any way to decrease the bitrate for the ISO recordings for better storage management?

Jules Apatini
(1:04:22) @Aaron Perecki, I ordered you stand, cheese plate and attachment for the Yolobox Pro. Do you think I will need the clamp to hold Atem mini in place or is that not necessary?

Andrew Waldman
(1:05:53) @Aaron Parecki I just purchased the hyperdeck pro and have a series of 50 2 minute video clips. Can I pick from the 50 to display a clip using the hyperdeck on the atem extreme

Turning Point Communications
(1:08:17) Question. I put the seetec on a tripod (with adapter) would you find that better than a stool? David.

Hardy Media
(1:08:49) @Aaron Parecki Using existing ATEM Mini Pro ISO and recording ISO feeds to USB SSD. Best way to add live Zoom? Adding ATEM Mini for another USB out for webcam?

Turning Point Communications
(1:10:04) No you need a reasonable quality tripod but it work well.