🔴 Live Q&A! Answering your questions about livestreaming and the ATEM Mini!

March 5, 2023


(12:13) Q Is he beta testing features we'll get later?

IT Never Gets Old
(14:13) Q: Did do those effects with CSS?

Matthias Bohlen
(14:18) Q: Does the extension exist for Firefox, too?

Eric Likness
(14:59) I swear one could get viewers if ALL you did was comment on Airline Videos Live

Matthias Bohlen
(16:05) Q: What exactly happens when you use your video as a key, and a color generator as the signal?

Matthias Bohlen
(18:09) Q: What exactly happens when you use your video as a key, and a color generator as the signal?

(19:44) Q: I preordered the Zoom UAC-232 with the hopes of utilizing 32bit float, what would be the best way to integrate with an stem mini pro iso for multi am video editing?

(20:35) Q: I preordered the Zoom UAC-232 with the hopes of utilizing 32bit float, what would be the best way to integrate with an stem mini pro iso for multi am video editing?

Peter Gillespie
(22:28) Q Evening Aaron, first of 2 questions - when doing live for a client do you use a script/plan of sorts to plan when graphics go in etc (like you did at the davinci live with PhotoJoseph)?

Rey Ley
(23:59) Q: I was recently involved in a project we were one of the nodes in different countries we're required so stream using SRT protocol, we ended using vMix as the least expensive option. Any suggestions?

IT Never Gets Old
(25:21) Q: The Magewell Proconvert I think does SRT

Rich Davis
(25:29) Q. Last week you created a layout with the diagonal line between two sources, using an upstream and downstream key. Is this a good use for multiple ME's to "save" that layout for easy switching?

Christopher Wichura
(27:54) Epiphan Pearl Nano is another good SRT box, but not necessarily inexpensive.

Daics Plays
(28:10) G'day @Aaron Parecki great to be here

Peter Gillespie
(28:13) Q #2 - a few weeks ago you had to switch to your back up stream. Could you do this using a second atem mini rather than a Web-presenter?

(29:29) Q: Have you used the GL.iNet router in your setup?

(30:04) Q: did you use/try any PTZ Camera?

(30:48) Q can you run companion from the mac as software, or only from the pi

Patrick Chang
(33:04) Q: When do you think the Atem Mini line ever go 4k?

Robert Linkroum
(33:44) Q • How does one evaluate and choose a good cell carrier and tethering device when wanting to go live on YouTube (or similar) from a remote location using a tethering device..?

Roman Gruchow
(34:54) Q: what do I have to do if I want to use „normal“ music in a livestream without taking the risk of getting blocked etc. So what is the propper way? thx

Stop & Think
(37:02) Q: What is a good source of generic royalty free music?

Matthias Bohlen
(38:24) Harris Heller has nice free music for streaming, called "Stream Beats".

IT Never Gets Old
(41:07) BMI/ASCAP licenses for streaming and non-profit is not too bad

Roman Gruchow
(41:15) follow up to the music: If I know a band/musician who would allow the usage. What do I have to in Youtube then?

Pat Richard
(42:34) The adhoc tweaking of things in software (and relevant explanation) is sometimes the best part of this show.

(42:50) I've clicked the LIKE button, have you? :)

James F Carr
(43:00) Yes, I work with recording artists. Its' not uncommon for them to get flagged by their own labels.

IT Never Gets Old
(43:10) Streaming Music licenses = Play and Pray

IT Never Gets Old
(43:19) Q: Hmm... looks like you use that USK trick with the color generation to simulate black and white video

Thor Olson
(44:47) Once the triplex is done, I suggest a live stream from the deck on the roof, so we can all see the last minute jerry rigging to make it happen. The chaos is one of the best parts of the show.

IT Never Gets Old
(45:56) Hot Tub livestreams coming next year

Stop & Think
(46:02) Q: Classical music, perhaps 200 years old, played in an amateur performer considered copyrighted music?

Florian Bel
(47:44) Mechanical rights and publishing :)

James F Carr
(48:32) The short story is: You cannot 100% guarantee that any music will not be flagged.

IT Never Gets Old
(48:58) One technique that kind of works is to bring classical music into Garageband and alter the tempo and instrumentation

Chris W
(49:06) Even original pieces can be flagged if there too similar

IT Never Gets Old
(49:06) One technique that kind of works is to bring classical music into Garageband and alter the tempo and instrumentation

Eric Likness
(49:32) PDX Triplex roof-top hot tub = Best Life

Patrick Chang
(49:48) Q: If you don't use one of your HDMI inputs on the Atem Mini, can you use it as an audio input through HDMI?

Bill Mew
(50:11) Q: if I want to link an ATEM Extreme (HDMI) into a new ATEM Television Studio HD, what are the delays/implications in using USB out (via a PC), HDMI out or Ethernet out?

(52:20) Q: Is the OBSBOT UVC to HDMI adapter reliable? I've read different reviews, but I know you have used it before.

Noel Del Pilar
(52:56) Q: Can you describe the quality of the video in the YoloLiv Instream? It is fluid similar to an smartphone? I have a client to want to use my services for vertical video, but need to be sure if worth.

Vinyl Vinnie
(54:14) Q: Any news on the Mysterious Singer Button on the extreme?

Tom Dalderup
(54:25) Q how to get PowerPoint from guest laptops alway right. Had some to switch to black moments when connected to atem extreme iso in a live stream.

Graham Rule
(56:50) @Aaron Parecki How wel does that Decimator deal with HDCP?

Jens Willmroth
(57:13) Decimator MD-HX is sold out everywhere for months.

IT Never Gets Old
(57:27) Q: Decimator for the win - 99% of the time it saves the day for presentations

Eric Likness
(57:38) Hell is Other People's Computers

Christopher Wichura
(57:43) HDMI -> NDI converter is what we do here

Grant Butler
(57:59) Q: Does the BMD UpDownCross perform the same function as the Decimator MD-HX, or does one or the other have different features that make it better suited for this?

IT Never Gets Old
(1:01:33) It will do HDMI and SDI conversion in both directions simultaneously as well

David Joshua Ford
(1:01:45) The Redback spider is every Aussie kids woodpile nightmare

Nathan Backous
(1:01:58) I was going to get the UpDownCross, but I ended up getting a great deal on a used Roland V-02HD which can do what I needed and a lot more as well. Now I have switcher inception.

Clear Life Media
(1:02:27) Q. Do you do consulting work? Have a ton of questions!

Eric Likness
(1:03:45) Oh noes, another side gig 🤫

David Hunte
(1:03:57) If your LIKE 👍🏼 Button is TRANSPARENT, please click it to make it SOLID! 👍🏾 Thanks! #HelpTheAlgorithm

Matthias Bohlen
(1:04:07) Q: Why are those Magewell converters so expensive?

(1:04:18) Q: Is there any solid alternative to the atem mini extreme iso, meaning a 8 HDMI input device that records every input simultaneously?

Jade Finch Scene
(1:05:30) Q streaming to YT using ATEM v Yolobox. settings and encoder methods. pros and cons.

Juhani Väihkönen
(1:07:11) Q: I have been testing Insta360 link as a webcam and it would be intersting if that could be used a PTZ camera. Have you seen like Raspberry implementations with XY webcams?

Jamie Harper
(1:07:50) Q. A bit off topic, do you use a sync generator in your setup? I want to get a big “master clock” for our studio set-up but not sure where to start, would that act as a master clock for the gear too?

Raheen Ashimi
(1:08:13) Q: I Have the Atem Mini and the Atem Mini Pro. Im wondering should I get the Atem Extreme ISO. With what I already have, is the investment worth it?

(1:10:15) Q: I’m also considering the Insta360 link, but wish it would work with iOS. Are there other options than the obsbot? Maybe a mini windows pc or compute stick?

David Hunte
(1:10:41) Supersource is the difference for me

Burt Groenheim
(1:10:46) Q: I am starting to record to YouTube with an Atem mini pro, what else do I need?

Florian Bel
(1:11:55) Q: You mentioned using backup encoders, but I also record on a Ninja, have you ever experienced loss of quality when encoding while passing through an other device? Atem > Ninja V > Teradek Wave

Alexandre Linhares
(1:13:21) Do you recommend setting ou 2 atem mini extream to use as one?!

(1:17:24) Q: Hi, Aaron! Panasonic 12-35 or Olympus 12-40, if using without lens stabilisation (for studio)?

Matthias Bohlen
(1:17:53) Q: The Lumix camera that you are using, what are the possibilities of controlling it remotely from a computer via the network?

(1:19:20) Aaron, what software are you using to draw your configuration on the screen and drag things around?

Arul Velusamy
(1:19:36) Q: Thanks Aaron for all your contribution. Is it possible to connect ATEM control software to an ATEM switcher over the Internet? What is the cheapest reliable way of doing this?

willi haw
(1:21:30) Q: How do you connect the Atem(s), Mac with companion, streamdeck etc on the go? Do you bring a switch or use Wireless somehow?

Graham Rule
(1:22:32) @Aaron Parecki what port would you need to forward for the ATEM Control Software?

Piper Blush
(1:22:52) Just got In I saw 2 software control in one ? what is this wizardry !

IT Never Gets Old
(1:24:26) Q: New PK1 Product - Yolobox floatation device for Hot Tube Streaming

Matthias Bohlen
(1:24:32) Q: The webcam output of the ATEM is full range, however Zoom and MS Teams expect legal range. Any idea how to deal with the cartoon style colors resulting from that?

Clear Life Media
(1:25:03) Q. We use blackmagic ursa g2s into the television studio pro 4k and then go into wirecast. We are having quality issues on the record to post. Capture at the highest quality (.mov). Any suggestions?

(1:25:28) Q: I've been using PC-based computers for over 40 years, would it work if I switch to Max Studio with no experience on Mac OS and continue working with ATEM mini extreme ?

(1:26:18) Great Live streaming today

MADD-1 Racing
(1:26:20) Something in the chat👋🏾

Greg McCall
(1:26:21) Something :-)

Tanner Nichols
(1:26:27) Q can you send BMD camera control through a Decimator MD-HX?

(1:26:48) Live Q&A is FIRE, my man. Great show.

Stop & Think
(1:26:54) Q: How's the house build with Lilly going?

(1:27:14) SOS: my google cast situation for comments is down?

(1:27:56) Where is the chromecast?

John Muntz
(1:28:38) Great Show

(1:29:08) If found a grey puck

(1:31:19) Rebooootinggg

(1:32:23) Got it, had to open new tab to get it to find it

Clifford Bradbury
(1:33:24) Q: Just gotten in, what have I missed? 😆

Vance LaSalle
(1:33:33) Question can you stream the hdmi output from a DJI phantom 4 into a atem mini extreme iso?

Eric Likness
(1:34:07) Remote Multiview brought to you by WireGuard vpn

Juhani Väihkönen
(1:34:16) Q: Have you considered youtube channel memberships?