🔴 Live Q&A! Answering Your Questions about Livestreaming and the ATEM Mini

August 29, 2021


The Bartenders Broadcast Network
(7:07) Do you think Black Magic would ever add individual LUTS to hdmi inputs, so that if we had a few different camera running on a live feed we could match them before they go live?

MT Steuerung
(10:21) @Aaron Parecki .. the mic wasn't muted .. could hear you on set

Woodturning Tool Store
(13:17) @Aaron Parecki What do I need and how would I operate a friends Streamdeck (emulator) remotely to switch a program? Do you have a tutorial?

David Hunte
(16:31) @Aaron Parecki - Do you have un update on how MixEffect has affected your workflow since it's been out for while

Shayne John
(21:46) @Aaron Parecki, How do I go Live on Facebook with the Atem Mini Pro?

Jeremy Alysandratos
(22:48) Q: (not realistic but just imagine) would a dream device were you could add your own sdi/hdmi inputs plus outputs but could also add expansion slots would this be a fun device if it could exist

Matteo Giovannini
(23:39) @Aaron Parecki do you suggest to buy chromecast (also with a hdmi splitter) or use obs for using your chat overlay pluging ?

Roland Dobbins
(29:20) @Aaron Parecki — you have a weblog post with a good VPN tutorial.

David Hunte
(31:00) Thanks @Aaron Parecki - loved the answer about MixEffect. @Adam Tow I think that that was a great use case.

Adam Tow
(31:04) @Aaron Parecki tuning in from the Bay Area. @David Hunte happy to answer your questions about MixEffect too.

John McGill
(31:17) question any downside to bringing the Hyperdeck output channels into an Atem mini pro then going to Atem mini extreme with only the output from the mini pro

Andy Asquelt
(33:00) Chromecast 4 accepts USB C Ethernet :)

Blake Anderson
(33:09) @arron Parecki suggestions on how to do a proper green screen?

Marcin Nowak
(34:39) @Aaron Parecki How did you show Claudio's screen alog with him? How did you switch beetwen you, him, his screen and combination of both of them?

Hugo Ramos
(39:32) @Aaron Parecki I'm hearing a lot about SRT... Do you think it will replace RTMP over time? And what SRT free platforms do you know or recommend?

Hugo Ramos
(43:09) @Aaron Parecki I was asking about SRT in the context of having a Raspberry Pi to receive RTMP feeds into my studio/ATEM ... So maybe SRT will be better for this use case?

(43:57) @Aaron Parecki You had the Smart videohub 20x20? And did you do the mod to make it a 'bit' more quiet? Did it work and are you satisfied now with it? 😉

Graham Rule
(45:24) @Aaron Parecki at work I've two cameras, one SDI and one HDMI and the colours differ a lot. Have you any hints on creating a LUT to put into the SDI->HDMI converter so that they match?

Go Web Technologies
(46:09) @Aaron Parecki Any changes in your setup today?

(50:29) @Aaron Parecki In a previous show, what app did you use to illustrate the connections within your setup?

Shayne John
(51:00) @Aaron Parecki, what the best software to bring in guest into your livestream with low latency?

Rajesh Taylor
(52:20) @Aaron Parecki what light are you using to light you currently?

Chris Lai
(54:42) @Aaron Parecki is there a compressor/limiter setting for the mic inputs for the AMP?

Andrew Waldman
(55:18) @Aaron Parecki How can I drag and drop video files onto the hyperdeck, do they need to be re-encoded, if so how can that be done on final cut

Marcin Nowak
(57:43) @Aaron Parecki how did you stream on multiple platforms? I was watching from your server but unfortunatelly, from time to time, stream was buffering. YT was help.

Marcin Nowak
(1:00:56) @Aaron Parecki How did you handwrite on slides?

Darin Land
(1:02:36) @Aaron Parecki Are there usb-c to hdmi adapters to connect usb-c webcams (i.e Elgato Facecam) to ATEM hmdi input?

Alex Hardy
(1:03:50) @Aaron Parecki I have a black magic Atem mini pro it worked on Stream yard for a while then the laptop had an update Stream yard stopped working with the Atem

Morten Faust
(1:04:40) Hey @Aaron Parecki what experience do you have with DisplayLink hubs? Seems the only way to extend Mac Mini M1s by more monitors

Go Web Technologies
(1:05:33) @Aaron Parecki Can you give a quick run through of your YouTube chat plugin?

Dimebag Darren Lowe
(1:06:22) Just get a Brio, which has USB C and HDMI

Andrew Ellis
(1:06:30) @Aaron perecki do you think rasp Pi4 will have enough processor power to run two VDO_Ninja feeds? one browser tab (participant) for each of its hdmi's

Success 4Life
(1:07:29) Do you think the Atem Pro is better than the Roland V-1HD?

(1:07:54) Saw this stream as I was browsing about , YouTube suggested it to me. Hey Aaron!

(1:08:03) Very nice live stream set up, I love live streaming, great way to stay connected with your audience.

(1:08:16) I live streaming using my Canon M50, no clear HDMI, so I use a micro USB, with a Micro HDMI and one of those "dummy" chargers to keep my charge constant and a HD Capture card.

(1:09:37) @Aaron Parecki How do you export an Alph from DaVinci?

Chris Lai
(1:11:15) @Aaron Parecki I notice the chat overlay plug-in has a gap on the right. Was it intentional?

(1:11:36) Hi @Aaron Parecki will you recommend one of your videos or Livestreams that is a basic ATEM Mini Pro tutorial for beginners? Thank you!

MT Steuerung
(1:13:22) @Aaron Parecki .. but the Alpha export works only on Mac .. not on Windows .. but in case you have the DaVinci Studio .. there is a Plugin to make it happen

Chris Lai
(1:13:42) @Aaron Parecki on the longer chat post, look at the right side of the box and you will see a tiny gap

SWAG Magazine
(1:13:57) @Aaron Parecki Just got my DaVinci Resolve Studio, and they sent me a free Speed Editor, which alone would cost the same as the Studio version.

(1:14:39) @Aaron Parecki what do you think of using playoutbee for playing videos on a livestream

Darin Land
(1:19:54) Whoa, Streamdeck XL is big!

(1:20:21) Are the stands compatible with MiniPro also?

(1:20:58) Are the stands compatible with MiniPro also?

SWAG Magazine
(1:21:23) @Aaron Parecki Also just received my Stream Deck XL extender for my Extreme. Added a couple of shims to adjust height since it doesn't sit right in front of me. Works Great! Thanks!

John McGill
(1:21:54) Question will there be a 3D file for printing our own face plate for those who previously purchased the files to print

SWAG Magazine
(1:23:01) @Aaron Parecki Just for my desk setup. It sits to the right of me. The shims let me see buttons better from that angle.

(1:23:10) The thing about playoutbee is that it emulates a Hyperdeck.

(1:24:50) Hi @Aaron Parecki will you recommend one of your videos or Livestreams that is a basic ATEM Mini Pro tutorial for beginners? Thank you!

(1:26:01) @Aaron Parecki You could add a delay to you stinger transition to let you leave one scene and enter the other.

Harald Selke
(7:13:50) Thanks for the stream!

MT Steuerung
(167:21:54) Thanks Aaron for again a great show ..

(167:22:09) Awesome stream as always. Thanks for all the tips Aaron and everyone! Have a blessed day!