🔴 Streaming to YouTube and other platforms // Stream Day 2022

May 25, 2022


Here to Record
() One last session! It went so fast!

() Q: Is Owncast what you used for the Auth0 conference?

Rajesh Taylor
() Q: Have you tried a self hosted instance of open source video platform Peertube Aaron? I’ve run up a virtual server (£15/month) via Digital Ocean. Then embed the iframe onto my blog posts.

() Restarted yiutube but find it still difficult to read the screen

() How can you redirect to your own videos or if you have more than one Stream? @Aaron Parecki

Eric Likness
() Q: Does Ultra low-latency affect the chat performance response too?

() Auto-Stop is Risky regardless of the tool you use for Streaming. 😀

Cliff Benjamin
() Yup, I don't use auto stop, risky when streaming from OBS

Eric Likness
() Saw it 1+ sec. yes prior to hearing it.