🔴 LIVE! Building Stream Deck presets for Lily's livestream!

August 21, 2022


Eric Likness
(8:27) It is Oh My Dollar "behind the scenes"

MT Steuerung
(8:31) @Aaron Parecki .. you could do the "Beam" Effect like Enterprise to bring in Lily ..

IT Never Gets Old
(9:12) So it is Bitfocus Companion day… good to have David Joshua Ford here… king of the multistage buttons

David Joshua Ford
(9:18) Hey @MT and Eric!

(33:05) Setup a “Home” page for the show, forget the page up and page down keys and the key in the middle of those. create a button on each page which will go to a page (the Show page)

(33:28) I took a bit of inspiration for @David Joshua Ford and have 5 specific page buttons across that are duplicated on each of those 5 pages. Additional functions have a '+' in the top left corner of each.

John Abney
(34:19) If things get messy, simple way to fix things: Move your Bitfocus "Page" button to the upper left, then move your "Down" button next to it, then move the "Up" button at the end.

Philip Luckey
(1:06:38) Have changed states reflected on buttons that just display the status, therefore not limited by one condition per button

(1:23:24) towards Lily's Stream deck XL

Eric Likness
(1:32:06) Here's to another contribution to Lily's Streamdeck XL fund-age.

Christopher Lai
(1:32:30) Now onto creating buttons for the study show….😅

IT Never Gets Old
(1:32:53) so meta a stream streaming a stream