🔴 LIVE from NAB with the YoloBox Pro, this time with a Motionray bonded network connection!

April 25, 2022


Bart Johnson Productions
(10:47) Hey @Aaron Parecki !

Eric Likness
(18:24) 8 hrs for that battery pack is an accomplishment tho!

Chris W
(18:32) HelloQ: whats the price point?

Chris W
(18:37) Q: whats the cost?

Chris W
(19:36) Q: is this peplink equipment?

Ryan Somerfield
(20:27) Q US only? And where does it get combined on the other end?

iEdit Projects
(21:28) Do you have day rentals

IT Never Gets Old
(22:21) Name of the service?

Feng Zhu
(23:05) Aaron can feature comment to the stream with YoloBox pro.