Mini Presentation Switcher

This is a mockup of my ideal mini presentation switcher.


The main feature this switcher provides is the ability to output the nice layout of a presentation with the slides scaled and the speaker video cropped, while also passing through both the camera and presentation video for other purposes like sending to Zoom or projecting in-house.

  • Record a Zoom presentation with a nice layout, while sending only your camera feed to Zoom
  • Livestream an in-person event while sending the presenter's computer screen to the in-house projector

Play around with the input selection buttons and try changing the layout using the slider too!

If the buttons don't do anything at first, try reloading the page!

  • HDMI 1 (Camera)
  • HDMI 2 (Computer)
  • Still image memory (2 images)
  • Audio
  • HDMI 1 (Passthrough)
  • HDMI 2 (Passthrough)
  • HDMI (Program)
  • USB-C (Program or HDMI 1)
  • Audio

Block Diagram

The internal memory can store two images, which can be captured from the HDMI input 2 source. This lets you set up a title card on a computer via Keynote/Powerpoint, then capture it in the still memory so you can cut to the still graphic for the livestream or recording. The other internal memory slot can store a graphic that is used as the background of the side by side layout.

The USB-C output is switchable between the input 1 passthrough or program output. You'd use passthrough mode to send the camera to Zoom while still being able to record the side by side layout. You could use the USB-C program out to stream via OBS.