Mini Presentation Switcher

This is a mockup of my ideal mini presentation switcher.


The main feature this switcher provides is the ability to output the nice layout of a presentation with the slides scaled and the speaker video cropped, while also passing through both the camera and presentation video for other purposes like sending to Zoom or projecting in-house.

  • Record a Zoom presentation with a nice layout, while sending only your camera feed to Zoom
  • Livestream an in-person event while sending the presenter's computer screen to the in-house projector

Play around with the input selection buttons and try changing the layout using the slider too!

If the buttons don't do anything at first, try reloading the page!

  • HDMI 1 (Camera)
  • HDMI 2 (Computer)
  • Still image memory (2 images)
  • Audio
  • HDMI 1 (Passthrough)
  • HDMI 2 (Passthrough)
  • HDMI (Program)
  • USB-C (Program or HDMI 1)
  • Audio

Block Diagram

The internal memory can store two images, which can be captured from the HDMI input 2 source. This lets you set up a title card on a computer via Keynote/Powerpoint, then capture it in the still memory so you can cut to the still graphic for the livestream or recording. The other internal memory slot can store a graphic that is used as the background of the side by side layout. The memory should persist when the power is cut.

The USB-C output is switchable between the input 1 passthrough or program output. You'd use passthrough mode to send the camera to Zoom while still being able to record the side by side layout. You could use the USB-C program out to stream via OBS.

Target Market

There are two main target audiences for this device: small conferences, and virtual presentations.

There are hundreds of small conferences around the world that like to record and livestream their events. This ranges from a small volunteer-run event that hosts an hour-long event with a few short talks, to a 4-track conference over a few days. For the shorter evening events, they often don't have the budget to hire a videographer for such a short time. The larger events sometimes have a budget for filming, but often not enough to film all the tracks. A switcher like this at the right price point would have broad appeal to organizers of these events.

Giving a virtual presentation over Zoom/etc as well as recording a high quality version is often a challenge and requires a lot of extra gear. Given that virtual events are still quite popular and likely to continue, I believe this is also a large opportunity.


Ideally this device has physical buttons and no more features than the bare minimum needed. This should be possible to train someone to use in 5 minutes or less. Ideally someone running an event can train a group of volunteers on how to set up the conference rooms and run the device without any prior knowledge of livestreaming tools. In this case, fewer buttons and fewer options is better.